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Current lead time for Cozy Cabins is 12 -13 months

Welcome to the warmth and beauty of your cabin

Frontier home kitchen.

Cozy Cabins are Certified Modular Homes that are constructed within a climate controlled environment to the local codes and regulations of where they will be delivered.  As you know, Certified Modular Homes are considered to be the same quality as a stick built home.  Beautiful, functional, and charming are just a few words that describe these cabins.  If you’re in need of a quality home, look no further than North Country Storage Barns.  We’re ready to deliver and set up your cabin anywhere in New York state.  Numerous options are available and floor plans can be custom to suit your needs and desires.    Seven styles are available.  

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Home Buying FAQs


NCSB sells modular homes only.  They are built as a stick built home indoors and then brought to your new home site usually in a section or two.  Trailers (manufactured homes) are built on a metal frame with axles and placed on concrete pads or blocks.  They are usually built lighter and cheaper than a modular home.

Yes, we can arrange most any found floor plan to better suit your needs.  The floor plans that you see are just recommended.  As long as it works structurally, we can make it happen!

Yes, we have one gentleman on staff that will complete the paperwork necessary to apply for the building, zoning, septic, and / or driveway permits if they are needed for your project.

Typically the turn around time is 26-30 weeks from when the paperwork is signed to go ahead.

NY state requires a crawl space or full basement. NCSB can do it for you or you can do it yourself.


  • Includes 6″ of concrete, rebar, wire mesh, and local inspections
  • Haunch around the perimeter or pinned to rock
  • 3 or 4 rows of block for the crawlspace
  • PT sill plates and sill sealer
  • Includes engineered piers if necessary for a covered porch or deck

We will drill down below the frost line or pin to rock if we hit it. We’ll extend up to grade level with concrete sona tubes.  Then, we’ll fasten pressure treated 6 x 6’s to the concrete using simpson brackets and then extend up to the desired height. Includes the engineer’s drawing and stamp.

Yes, one of our owners actually oversees the site work and does much of it himself.   We offer tree removal, excavation for basements, floating pads, etc. We even install septic systems and can do all the hook-ups for electric and water.  We can offer complete turn key if that is what you are looking for as well.

The home will come stained and sealed with a semi transparent sealer.  We suggest that every 3-5 years you treat the outside of the home with a stain / sealer.  The inside requires no upkeep to the knotty pine walls or flooring.

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