Shed Site Preparation

Setting Up Your Site Is Crucial

​​The foundation under a shed is no different than the foundation under your home.  Your shed and home will be as good as the foundation underneath it.  Site preparation is a very important part of a lasting and sturdy shed.  If you want the shed to last for generations, then you will want to take your time on placement, positioning, and the preparation of the site where the storage shed will be placed.  If the shed is properly set up with a good foundation, the windows and doors will function properly.  Also, when you set nails or screws on the workbench, they won’t roll away!

Some might say “Ah… it’s only a shed.  Just drop it over there…  that spot looks pretty level!” If you plan on using the shed for a very short term and then having us move it elsewhere, this plan might work for a little while, but most customers want to place a shed and use it for a lifetime or longer.
If you are worried about a wooden structure on the ground, no need!  The pressure treated lumber is what makes contact with the ground.  Everything else is built and designed to resist the elements and the North Country rodents and insects.  Our LP Smartside wall panels have proven durability to resist harsh weather, rich cedar grain texture for enhanced beauty, and SmartGuard® treatment for protection against rot and termites​.

These steps need to be completed by you, the customer:

Step 1: Check Codes

You’ll need to check with your local official for placement of the structure purchased and get approval.

Step 2: Clear Site

Clear out any trees, shrubs or brush in that area. 

Step 3: Stake Out Dimensions

Stake out the exact dimensions of your structure.  Add 1’ to the length and width of the structure.  This allows for optimum drainage.  If this is not done, the drainage from the roof will create puddles / ruts in the ground.  They will splash up on the bottom sides of the structure during every storm.  The gravel base will prolong the life of your new structure.

​The following steps can be completed by yourself or you may contract North Country Storage Barns to complete the task for an additional fee:

Step 3: Remove 4" to 6" of Sod / Lawn

Before the shed is delivered we will come with a truck and trailer with proper equipment to remove 4” to 6” of sod or lawn.  Let us know where you want it.  Additional fees apply to take it away and dispose of it.

Step 4: Fill Area with Crushed Stone

Then, we will fill that area with ¾” – 1 ½” crusher run stone.  Gravel yards commonly call it #2 crusher run.  This stone will be tampered down and laser leveled to assure that the designated spot is perfectly level.  The stone will be at least 4” to 6” in thickness.  Additional stone might be required to make the designated location level.  (Your site must be within 6” of level to avoid additional loads of stone and associated charges 

Please note:

  • Cinder blocks are not recommended.  If you block and level smaller units, patio pavers are the best product for this application.
  • North Country Storage Barns is not responsible for ruts or damage to the lawn during site preparation or delivery.
  • A concrete base for a storage shed or vehicle storage unit is not needed.  A crusher run base is the best for structures designed with pressure treated bases. 
  • Once the structure is placed, landscaping around the edge is recommended for aesthetic purposes and to hold the gravel in place.

Tips For a Solid Foundation

Don't Use Decomposing Materials

Don't use decomposing materials.
Using a decomposing material is not recommended for leveling a structure.

A Crushed Stone Pad

Stone shed pad.

A crushed stone pad 4″ – 6″ in depth with a minimum of 8″ around the structure is suggested.

Air Flow

Under shed air-flow displayed.

Air flow and proper leveling is important to the longevity of your structure.

Site Preparation Prices




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